Household Binder

This morning I have been working on our household binder.  I’ve put off cleaning it up and getting it organized for quite some time.  It’s not in it’s final form yet, but I think it’s the way I want to use it.  I will use it for a month or two and then make it pretty.

So, ya wanna know what I’ve put in mine? OK

Right inside the cover I have two page protectors with the following information.

Emergency information;

  • our address and phone number
  • emergency number: 911
  • poison control number: 1-800-222-1222
  • Non-Emergency numbers for police and fire
  • Nearest Family Info
  • Our contact numbers, Matt work and cell, my cell
  • Name and date of birth for each person who lives here
  • Directions to our house, in case one of the kids or a sitter needs to give out this info

The next page has all the contact info for our utilities and our basic repair and maintenance people.

After that are two pages containing some contacts.  Schools, doctors, neighbors, my family since they don’t live near us and our closest friends info.

Two page Current Week pages

Two page – Current Week – pages

Then I will have a divider labelled, Current Week.  It will contain a two page printout that will cover what this week looks like. Page 1: Daily and Weekly housework check list, what are the dinner plans, shopping list.  Page 2: any appointments or plans that have a time on them, to do this week – items transferred from monthly/quarterly/annual household needs, the cleaning list for this weeks household focus zone.  Both of these pages conveniently face each other so the book can stay open here on a regular basis.

I also have some information to refer to about kids responsibilities and such.

I’m gonna add a first aid section after that.  I’m still gathering and condensing the info I want here.

Next is a contacts section.  Some business cards, addresses for distant friends and acquaintances.

The Activities Info section is next.  This is for activity calendars, school calendars, rosters, church info, etc.  The section divider is a current year calendar.

The next section is HOUSEKEEPING.  It holds the zone detail cleaning lists, homemade cleansers recipes, lists by room for decluttering and the definitions for each room.  Oh, by definitions I mean, IDEALLY, what and only is this room for.  This is helping me to re-organize the house.  It will also help me define those items or categories that don’t have an ideal “home”.

The PERPETUAL CALENDAR is next.  It just one page protector per month with a list of things that happen in that month.  It includes home, doctor appointments, birthdays, seasonal activities and such.  I put info that will be needed that month in the page protector.  Like invites (after it’s added to me calendar), directions, ideas for activities (print outs/fliers/etc).  It’s a lifesaver for my sanity.

TRAVEL is the next section.  Packing lists, activities to do while traveling, and our travel wish lists.  This is a fun section, but isn’t used enough.

Like I said, this isn’t complete yet, but it has what I want it to be for now.  I am working on a separate binder for the important information.  Post on the later.

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A Plan. Really?

Remember that corner I showed you?  Yep, that one.  Well it no longer looks so bad.

Let me explain myself.

I make a plan.  A great plan.  Then I rebel against the plan.  What?

It seems I need to use an informal approach to getting things done around here.  What is that, you ask?  I have a list of all the areas, big and small, that I want and/or need to attend to.  I don’t make out a schedule of what to tackle when, because I just might not “feel like” doing that area when it is on the calendar.  I only schedule “cleaning” or “organize” or “project” on the calendar.  When that time comes and I “feel” like getting that category done, I pick something from that list.  I’m so glad I figured this out about me.

I have a weekly housekeeping list that gets done weekly, for the most part, in no particular order.  I also have a list of things to get done daily to maintain a reasonable amount of order and cleanliness.  I like to have company and have been told that people feel comfortable in my home (not just a house).

I have a list of areas to purge and organize, which will get done, in no particular order.

I have a list of projects to do, that will happen, in no particular order.

I also take care of those things that must be done on a timely basis.  I am actually a responsible adult.  I don’t like to be late.  I think it’s rude and disrespectful of other peoples time.  If I say I will get something done by a certain time, I will.

I just need to be flexible in the areas that can be flexible.  I have given myself this gift of flexibility and am a much happier person for it.  If something on one of lists becomes important to get done, I will of course get at it.

So, the picture.  It has not all gone away and in fact I have added some things to it.  When our son was born, we lost our extra room and don’t really have anywhere to put some things, like my craft stuff.  This is also a temporary holding area for “things without a home for now”.

Also I am embarking on a purging party of sorts.  I am getting rid of the excess that is mine.  I will do my stuff  first and then the household areas and then encourage the other peoples living here to follow my lead.  I want to write about how it’s going so I can look back and be encouraged.  I need to start with pictures.  So, tomorrow I will walk around the house and take lots of pictures to have “before” shots.  I have done some areas already, so some posts may be “after” only info.

I keep telling myself that I will get this all done by the end of such-and-such month.  But, I remember that I don’t play well with those restrictions, and drop it.  Now if I actually had a deadline that is out of my control, I could get it all done by then, but no one around me would be very happy.  Just keeping it real.

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The cleaning out the refrigerator freezer, meal plan.

I KNOW!!  Some exciting stuff right there in the title.  Stay with me though.  Or not.  Ha!!

I’m heading to the kitchen to see what’s in that one freezer.  I’ll be right back.

Okay, I’m back with an inventory.  This is so exciting. (tongue firmly placed in cheek)

  • 2 pizzas – we’ll ignore those for this week
  • 1/2 gallon swirl ice cream, not a meal builder here (unless I’m home alone) moving right along
  • 1/2 bag of shrimp – now we’re talking
  • 1 bag of oven fries
  • 1 bag of green beans
  • 1 bag of hash brown potatoes
  • 2 brie rounds
  • 1 pie crust (from 2010?, really) I threw it away
  • 1/2 box puff pastry (again, so old) it’s in the trash now
  • 1 gallon bag chicken broth in 1 and 2 cup portions
  • 1 gallon bag beef broth in 2 tablespoon portions
  • ham bone with some meat on it for soup (yum)
  • venison tenders (we want to grill these)
  • 3 quart bags of chicken breast cooked with BBQ sauce
  • 2 quart bags of chicken breast cooked with tequilla lime marinade
  • 1/4 bag mozzarella sticks
  • 1/4 bag ckn tenders
  • 2 freezer jams from Mom
  • 1 OJ concentrate
  • 1 apple juice concentrate
  • 2 quart bags blueberries
  • more cheese sticks (1/2 bag)
  • 12 meatballs ( I have no idea how old)
  • 1 1/2 bags lima beans
  • 1 roll breakfast sausage
  • 1/2 bag onion mix
  • 1/2 bag mixed veggies
  • 1/2 bag peas

Refrigerator leftovers to use up:  1 pound browned ground venison and 1/2 pound bacon.

I’m pretty sure I can come up with meals to use up most of it this week.

Monday: Hashbrown casserole; hashbrowns, 1/2 the browned venison, mixed veggies, chicken broth, cream and cheese.

Tuesday: white bean and ham soup in the slow cooker, I will soak the beans over night tonight. I will put in the half bag of onions and some chopped carrots from the frig.

Wednesday: finger food extravaganza (kids will love it!!) meat balls in bbq sauce, mozz sticks, chicken nuggets, pototo fries (1/2 the bag) and curried limas (the half bag) they won’t like them though.

Thursday: venison tenders (maybe wrapped in bacon, yum), green beans, rest of pototo fries

Friday: shrimp alfredo with peas

Saturday: Lunch, chicken tacos using 1 bag of tequilla lime chicken, and make spanish rice, maybe more limas  Supper, sloppy joes using rest of browned venison, steamed veggies from the veggie drawer, chips

Sunday: Lunch, BBQ chicken pizzas using tortillas, veggies and ranch  Supper, HUNKA (leftovers, hunka this hunka that)

That leaves 2 bags of BBQ chicken.  The jams, juices and broths get used as needed.  So do the fruits.  The sausage will get used for breakfast eventually.  The ice cream will be gone and replaced soon.  The pizzas will get eaten once we resume Friday pizza nights.  And there are a lot of popsicles (is that spelled right? spell checker isn’t helping here) in there too.

I will most likely change around the order before the week is over.

Wow!  That wasn’t so hard.  I had been dreading going into that freezer.

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Meal Plan Jan 16 – 22, 2012

Saturday mornings are usually big breakfast mornings.  Last weekend was no different.  We had scrambled eggs (using bacon grease), bacon, and cinnamon roll waffles.  I saw on the WWW that waffle irons were being used to make brownies, and chocolate chip cookies and, well almost anything with that consistency.  So I put my refrigerator tube cinnamon rolls in there and THEY WORKED OUT GREAT!  This is my families favorite breakfast.  Imagine two slices of bacon laying across those eggs down there.  Thanks.

This week is starting out with both kids home from school.  It’s a teacher inservice day.  Hopefully we can get the leftovers in the frig eaten up at lunch and we can make more.  My family likes leftovers, thank you God.  I really mean that.  I don’t have to try and be creative to find a different way to present them in order to not throw out good food.

The kids have been begging to go to Germ Fun City to play, and I think today I will finally give in.  I told them that we must get there RIGHT after they open and we will be coming home to eat lunch.  2 HOURS MAX!!

The meal plan for the week looks like this then:

  • 1/16  Salmon patties, Rice and Peas
  • 1/17  Venison BBQ roast, Potatoes and Veggies
  • 1/18  Tacos and Spanish Rice
  • 1/19  BBQ venison sandwiches, more fruit and veggies with dip, chips too if we already have them
  • 1/20  Pizza ( and a movie?)
  • 1/21  HUNKA for supper
  • 1/22  Sack lunch right after church on the way out of town for a party, supper will be whatever we grab before Matt and I go to Bible study.

I have everything for these meals already in the house, so that meets with the requirements for the Eat From the Pantry Challenge.  I have been buying the pizzas from Sam’s club, but I think I’ll use the bread maker to make a homemade crust and I have enough food that would be good toppings for it.  I won’t promise to, but will try to remember to take a picture to post.

I’m linking up to Orgjunkie and Good Cheap Eats for the linky parties.

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Meal Planning for January 2012 (update)

Venison roast in the slow cooker.

Sorry.  I haven’t posted about our meals for too long.  I’m gonna recap now and show the plan for the rest of the month.

I’ve decided to use one of my old tricks and have specific meals on certain nights.

  • Monday will alternate between Chicken ala King over biscuits and Venison Gravy over Potatoes or Rice.  I’ll give directions and pictures next time I make those.
  • Wednesdays will be tacos.  The kids have Kids of Faith at church and tacos are something they love, so we’ll be able to finish fast and get out the door.
  • Fridays will be Pizza night.  Nathan is old enough now to play some fun family games so we will alternate game night with movie night on Fridays.  The pizza will also come with raw veggies and dip and fresh fruit when we have it.
  • Saturday lunch will be sack lunches.  We seem to be doing more outside the home on Saturdays, so this will work well with the budget.
  • Sunday lunch will alternate between beans and rice with cornbread and chili with cornbread.  My dear Mother-in-Love often likes to have us over for lunch after church, we like those days.  I always have the makings for my lunches in the pantry or freezer, so they will keep or we will have those for supper.

A recap of what we’ve had for supper:

  • 1/2  chicken tacos (meat precooked from freezer) Rice
  • 1/3  slow cooker venison roast (meat from freezer) mashed potatoes, peas (both from pantry)
  • 1/4  chicken taco rice bowls – a mess really, but good
  • 1/5  HUNKA
  • 1/6  ham & cheese crescent rolls and cinnamon rolls, this was a movie night so easy food
  • 1/7  sloppy joes with ground venison, fried potatoes and green beans
  • 1/8  we had lunch with MIL – she made a wonderful taco soup and we also had this for supper
  • 1/9  It was our 13th anniversary, so MIL took to kids to one restaurant to eat and Matt and I went to Red Lobster
  • 1/10  tuna noodle hotdish (this is a pantry staple here), brownies
  • 1/11  Dirty rice (from a box, I want to find a good recipe) I added leftover venison roast and extra peas too.
  • 1/12  Potatoes venison soup, I used up the rest of the cooked up ground venison for this, it was a hit.
  • 1/13  Sam’s Club deli pizza (a fave) and fresh fruit and carrots and ranch
  • 1/14  Sack Lunches and HUNKA for supper.  We have a lot of leftovers to eat up.

The rest of January:

  • 1/15  Beans & Rice and Cornbread
  • 1/16  Salmon patties, Rice and Peas
  • 1/17  Venison BBQ roast, Potatoes and Veggies
  • 1/18  Tacos and Spanish Rice
  • 1/19  BBQ venison sandwiches, more fruit and veggies with dip, chips too if we already have them
  • 1/20  Pizza ( and a movie?)
  • 1/21  HUNKA for supper
  • 1/22  Sack lunch right after church on the way out of town for a party, supper will be whatever we grab before Matt and I go to Bible study.
  • 1/23  Ground Venison Gravy over Potatoes (think chicken ala king, but ground venison)
  • 1/24  Chicken Alfredo and Green Beans ( I have home canned chicken breast for this)
  • 1/25  Taco Night
  • 1/26  HUNKA
  • 1/27  Pizza Night
  • 1/28  Tuna Noodle Hotdish
  • 1/29  Lunch: Chili and Cornbread  Supper: HUNKA
  • 1/30  Chicken ala King over Biscuits
  • 1/31  Pull some meat from the freezer and slow cook it.  Ha, I’ll change this when I see what’s in there.

So this is long enough now.  I hopefully will post some individual meals periodically.




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Clutter and Disorganization are the Opponents

This mess is ALL mine.  No one else can be blamed but me.  I can’t believe I’m putting this out there for the whole wide world to see.  But I have a plan. 

Update:  This corner no longer looks this way.  Yay!!  But, I don’t have a post to show yet.

I feel like a stalker. I’m gonna join (again) Jessica from Life as Mom in her year long quest to beat clutter. And, get organized in the process. Go to this link to see her game plan.

I’ve done some small areas around here already, but have a lot more to get to. In her plan she will spread it out over the year, but I don’t want to take that long, so I will join her when I can.

Reminder to self: TAKE PICTURES!!

Go check out her plan.

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Meal Plan 1/2 – 1/8/12

I’m participating in the Pantry Challenge that Jessica from Good Cheap Eats is hosting this month. My goal is to use up some of the older items in the freezers and the on the shelves. I’d also like to use those “odd” things I’ve bought and now can’t remember why. After Christmas, the pocketbook isn’t a big as I would like it to be, so this challenge is perfect timing.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs and cinnamon roll waffles
Lunch: HUNKA (hunka this hunka that, leftovers)
Supper: chicken tacos (meat from freezer) veggie rice
Breakfast: cereal (we have an 8AM appt to get to)
Lunch: sandwiches and sides
Supper: venison in the slow cooker with bacon and bbq sauce, potatoes, green beans (planned leftovers)
Breakfast: fruit smoothies
Lunch: venison and potato hash, carrots and ranch
Supper: chicken taco rice bowls (chicken from freezer)
Thursday (BACK TO SCHOOL, YAY!!)
Breakfast: pancakes and fruit
Lunch: bagged (in case they need me to sub at kids day out)
Supper: dirty rice box mix with some leftover venison added
Breakfast: whatever each wants
Lunch: HUNKA or sandwich
Supper: sloppy joe pockets, cheesy rice, peas
Breakfast: eggs and pancakes
Lunch: hamburgers, sweet potato fries
Supper: HUNKA
Breakfast: shakes
Lunch: beans and rice and cornbread
Supper: HUNKA

I MAY post daily about these meals telling where the ingredients for each came from; freezer, pantry or fresh buy. I have most of it already on hand but will be buying milk and such.

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Beginning of a New Year!!

The kids firing off the "poppers" in the yard.

Well there are a few things I want to get going this year. I’m gonna list them out here randomly, for now.

Meal plan better – use what we have for the month of January only buying the perishables
Goals – to eat some of the older items lurking in the freezers and pantry, inventory food on hand, defrost the chest freezer
Participate in the Eating From the Pantry Challenge Jessica from Life as Mom and Good Cheap Eats is hosting.

Whole House Purge and then Organize for Efficiency

Write posts here!

January Focus
Meal Plan weekly; maybe to whole month once I do the food inventory this week
Papers; update calendars, make new year files, scan last year’s files, update household notebook, go through old papers,
Important Information Binder; get this DONE
Purge and Organize Focus; Bathrooms and supplies used in those rooms
Post a weekly family update; it looks like I may actually have enough categories above to have a focused post for each day of the week.

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Meal Plan 9/5 – 9/11

Well, maybe I’ll eventually write posts on a regular basis, maybe.

So the plan for the next week for meals.
Monday: HUNKA (hunka this hunka that)
Tuesday: Tacos, Sara has been requesting this for awhile now
Wednesday: Food from Beth, Thank you!
Thurdsay: Beans and Rice, Cornbread
Friday: Chicken ala King over Biscuits
Saturday: Chili and the fixings
Sunday: I don’t know what we will do for lunch after church yet, but I’ll have a pizza for the kids and the sitter and Matt and I will go to a fellowship dinner with our Bible study group. I’ll take my PB Bars and maybe a salad.

So, some prep ahead stuff;
defrost hamberger and brown it, use half for tacos and half for chili
make graham cracker crumbs

Groceries Needed:
Anything on the sales/coupons list.
Pizza and Sodas and chips

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Meal Plan: 8/11 – 8/17

Time to get back to blogging. My MIL is in the hospital after a half hip replacement and I need to be a little more organized with my time. An easy thing to do, for me anyway, is meal planning. It sure does take the stress level way down when I know what I’m making for dinner before 5 PM. I’m also showing what we’ve had the last two suppers.

Thursday 11th:
Taco Pasta, this is a variation on Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures recipe.
Friday 12th:
I made Chicken ala King and we had that over refrigerator biscuits. YUM.

Saturday 13th:
Lunch, we will eat up some hot dogs that are still in the frig, I’ll make some mac n cheese and open a can a green beans too.
Supper, Soft Tacos with all the fixings

Lunch, hamburger stoganoff over egg noodles and peas, if we go out after church, I will move this to Thursday.
Supper, leftover taco pasta

Lunch, chicken ala king leftovers over toast
Supper, Curry Chicken with rice and peas in the crock pot

Lunch, HUNKA (hunka this hunka that) to clean out the frig
Supper, Salmon Patties, fries (sweet potatoe) Green Beans

Lunch, sandwiches and such
After school snack, Smoothies
Supper, Pizza – maybe homemade, maybe

I need to inventory my freezer and start using that stuff up.

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